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Unfold your dreams, unfold the technology, unfold the future

Grida Tech Inc.



Stage 1. Motion Recognizing VR, SMART NURSING(released in 2021 – 2022)

Smart Nursing, a motion recognition VR practice training content,

has released core nursing skills in 4 packages.

Try it yourself by moving your hands instead of a controller.

We will help you learn in SMART NURSING's virtual reality practice space.


PKG 1. Intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection, intradermal injection,

             intravenous injection

PKG 2. Blood transfusion therapy, intermittent gavage, oxygen therapy using nasal cannula,                  suction nursing

PKG 3. Application of simple catheterization, indwelling catheterization, discharge enema,                    vital sign measurement, peripheral oxygen saturation measurement and                                      electrocardiogram monitor

PKG 4. Basic CPR and defibrillator application, oral medication, pain and pressure ulcer

             management, fall prevention nursing, drainage tube management

Step 2. Multi-access Motion Sharing, VR SIMULATION (released in 2022-2023)

Cloud service-based virtual space-sharing technology allows instructors and learners

to connect from different locations and share motions to practice VR together.

Starting with neonatal nursing simulation, we will take responsibility for virtual training

by applying the differentiated technology of Grida Tech Inc. to various VR simulation practices such as childbirth and emergency nursing.

Step 3. Ultra-realistic Metaverse Research and Development

From virtual training for medical personnel directly related to public health to virtual training for industrial sites and society, Grida Tech Inc. aims to spread its technology.

Please consult with Grida Tech Inc. for successful virtual training in areas requiring collaboration and communication, and training that calls for high risk, high cost, inability

to experience, and stringency.

We will create a virtual shareable practice platform together.

- Motion recognition technology in a virtual environment

- VR motion sickness relief technology

- Cloud-based motion recognition learning performance management technology

- Multi-access motion recognition sharing technology

- Wireless AI learning-based algorithm

- Wireless motion recognizing tangible VR technology

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