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Smart Nursing Q & A

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: Why nursing/medical practical training?

- Since COVID-19, we have been interested in preventing educational deficits that occur in virtual situations

- With COVID-19, Post COVID-19! The importance of medical personnel continues to be emphasized.

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: Can it be applied to all fields of education?

- The experience of nursing/medical practice education that requires stability and precision is guaranteed.

- The quality of education in virtual practical training in all fields that require collaboration and communication can be guaranteed.

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: What industrial site is it? Can it be used in society as a whole?

- It can be used in all fields that emphasize teamwork and collaboration.

- Daily life can be replaced, and capabilities can be strengthened through surreal meetings without restrictions of time and space.

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: But I am still curious about Smart Nursing. Am I really practicing? 

- Smart Nursing, Do you still have questions?

   Try it for yourself. With Grida Tech.

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